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Uncover Mungo’s Secrets with Our New Local Guide


It takes a pretty special person to take you back 40,000 years into Australia’s past. That’s why, here at Mungo Lodge, we are proud to introduce a new local guide to our handpicked team, Ernest Mitchell.

Share Mungo with a true local 

Ernest Mitchell

Mungo is not your ordinary World Heritage-listed park – it is a thoroughly and proudly indigenous place. The area is sacred amongst Aboriginal people, who have walked at Mungo in the footsteps of their ancestors since the Dreamtime. Ernie is a descendent from the local Paakantyi tribe, one of the three Traditional Tribal Groups in charge of the Mungo area.

He might be new to us but Ernest has eight years’ experience conducting tours in National Parks, so he will quickly become your guide, your teacher and source of all local wisdom.

Step back in time on an accredited tour 

On an accredited tour of Mungo National Park, Ernie will take you back in time with fascinating insights into the local history and culture. Through stories and song, your guide will help you imagine what this incredible park used to be: a massive lake that nurtured birds, animals and people.

You’ll learn about the native flora and fauna, with Ernie pointing out the signs of scorpions, bandy bandy snakes and other creatures. He’ll show you how to spot relics, like ancient cooking sites, shells, stone tools and skeletons. And if you’re lucky, he’ll pull out his guitar and play a song or two.

To finish the tour, Ernest will conduct a traditional smoking ceremony. Local aborigines believe this ancient custom makes sure the spirits will remain at Mungo and not travel home with them.

Building our team


Along with Ernest, we have recently welcomed Mary to Mungo Lodge. Mary is a descendent of the same tribe and also a granddaughter of a Mungo elder. She is currently training in hospitality and we are proud to introduce her into our talented team.

Unlock the secrets of Mungo with a local guide – book your accredited tour at Mungo Lodge today!

Fly or drive?

mungo lodge fly or drive packages

Two unforgettable ways to experience an outback adventure at Mungo National Park

Seeking an Aussie outback adventure with a difference? The lunar landscape of Mungo National Park in New South Wales, Australia, is so massive and starkly beautiful that the possibilities are endless. There’s just one question you need to answer: which is the best way to get out there and explore?

Discover Australia’s best kept secret
More than 800km west of Sydney, Mungo National Park is the very picture of an outback adventure. The lake doesn’t actually contain any water – it’s the drained basin of an enormous ancient lake with a dune shaped like a crescent moon. The result is a stark red landscape that looks like the surface of Mars.

The best way to get to Mungo is from the border town of Mildura on the edge of Victoria and New South Wales. From here, it’s just a short flight or drive to the national park.

Explore Mungo, the easy way
The good news is Mungo Lodge offers two incredible 4-star packages designed to make it easy to discover Australia’s best-kept secret. Complete with transport, deluxe accommodation and tours, both three-day packages start and finish in Mildura, and they work out much cheaper than hiring a car yourself! So you can simply sit back and enjoy the Aussie outback adventure of a lifetime.

So, which will you choose? Take a look at the details:

Fly In, Fly Out 

Day 1
Your adventure starts the moment we pick you up from Mildura airport or your motel. We give you a tour of the quaint border town where you can discover the history of Mildura, call in at museums and galleries, and step aboard historic paddle steamers at Mildura Wharf.

Next stop: Mungo Lodge. The flight is short, only 30 minutes, but this is your chance to see the ancient landscape from the air so be sure to savour every moment! Tonight you’ll stay in one of our deluxe cabins, right on the doorstep of the park.

Day 2
Welcome to the heart of Australia’s ancient landscape. Join your indigenous guide for a tour of Mungo National Park and learn about Aboriginal culture, native wildlife and the fascinating history of the park.

The remote, magnificent landscape makes it easy to imagine the dawn of human life on earth. After all, this is where important archaeological treasures are uncovered. In 1969, Dr. Jim Bowler found the remains of Mungo Lady, one of the world’s oldest-known ritually cremated burials. Mungo Man was discovered soon after, becoming the oldest human skeleton found in Australia.

There’s so much to experience at Mungo, why not hire one of our minivans and explore at your own speed?

Later, take some time out to kick back in the luxury of your cabin and enjoy sweeping, uninterrupted views of this uniquely striking landscape.

Day 3
With your memory bank filled with incredible stories and experiences, it’s time to fly back to Mildura. We’ll drop you off at the airport or motel, depending on your needs.

Need to know: Tours operate year round (subject to availability) for $750 per person, minimum two people.

Drive In and Drive Out


Day 1
We’ll pick you up from Mildura airport or your motel. But before we leave, we’ll show you the best of this 19th-century town, from the origins of the Mildura Homestead and stories of the early pioneers to the delicious cafes, restaurants and bars on “Feast Street”.

Then, let us take the wheel as you sit back and take in the incredible views from our air-conditioned 4WD. The drive to Mungo is around 1.5 hours, so you have heaps of time to take in the landscape of ancient dried-up lakebeds and sand dunes. Expect to see mobs of kangaroos and emus, but you’ll need to be quick to get a picture because emus can run up to 50 km per hour!

We’ll take you to your deluxe cabin where you can relax on your private deck, under the stars of the Southern Cross. Or why not join locals and other travellers at the main lodge to share stories around the fireplace.

Day 2
Time to walk in ancient footprints! Join our tour of Mungo National Park with an accredited indigenous guide. Our experienced guides are from one of the three tribal groups of the Willandra Lakes region, so it’s sure to be a real eye-opener.

Then, what better way to end your day than on the deck, sipping an icy drink while enjoying majestic views beneath the stars. It doesn’t get more “Aussie outback” than this!

Day 3
Time to head back to Mildura. We’ll drive you to the airport or your motel. No doubt about it, this is one adventure you’ll never forget.

Need to know: Tours operate year round (subject to availability) for $490 per person, minimum two people.

Use Mungo Lodge as Your Comfortable Base for Adventurous Excursions

Mungo Lodge base camp

Mungo National Park and the Willandra Lakes Region Heritage Area have been noted for their scenic beauty for generations. The region is truly a place that should be enjoyed to the fullest, without feeling rushed. It’s easy to do that when you stay at Mungo Lodge, our facility in the Australian outback that offers cabin-style four-star accommodation.

A Place to Rest and Feel Restored

This picturesque area offers a wealth of outdoor adventure activities. By their very nature, some can be extremely strenuous, yet are sure to provide unforgettable moments. In addition to offering cabin accommodation, we also have a camping area and caravan sites.

No matter which type of accommodation you prefer, Mungo Lodge allows you the benefits of being able to spend hours exploring the area thoroughly, knowing you have comfortable accommodations to return to at the end of the day’s adventures.

Welcoming Facilities

Mungo Lodge guests get access to several on-site perks. Admire local artwork in our gallery, look for souvenirs in the gift shop, or grab dinner and a cold beverage in the restaurant. When you want a break from the wildness of the outdoors, our well-equipped facilities let you return to creature comforts.

Book Direct to Save Money and Time

The Internet has given rise to many third-party travel sites that make it possible to book accommodations independently. However, by using those options you may pay more than you should, and waste time too. We make things as simple as possible by enabling you to book direct.

The process is very streamlined, and you’ll have access to special offers that aren’t available through other websites. We understand your priority is to book accommodations on your desired dates and get reasonable prices. Be sure to take care of that directly with us and see how much you could save. 

Ready to Handle the Increase in Tourism

According to 2015 statistics from Tourism Research Australia there were 242 million international overnight visitors to Australia that year. That’s a 10-percent increase, and all-time high.

Furthermore, people in Asia are particularly interested in what Australia has to offer for tourism purposes. China alone accounts for 22 percent of total trip expenditures, and Asia as a whole now holds a majority share of total trip spend, with figures totalling 51 percent. Domestic travel is growing too, with the number of overnight trips and total expenditure both on the rise. We competently cater to adventure travellers, whether they’re from Australia or abroad.

Mungo Lodge Is an attractive choice for your next rustic getaway. Book accommodations on our website today and anticipate the adventures to come.