World Heritage National Park

Mungo National Park & Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area

One of Australia’s richest archaeological finds. To the Elders and Caretakers of the land, this has been a special meeting place since the Dreamtime.

Mungo National Park

The archaeological treasures of Mungo Man and Mungo Woman were found here at Mungo National Park and are carbon dated to over 40,000 years old. These human remains indicate that Aboriginal people inhabited the area during this time, and make this the oldest known site of human occupation in the southern hemisphere. There is much speculation and debate in scientific circles, with some believing that there was human occupation in the region over 65,000 years ago.

Many of the archaeological treasures have been exposed at Mungo through natural erosion rather than by means of organised archaeological exploration. Ancient artefacts, plant matter and animal bones can be found in their natural habitat along the ‘Great Walls of China’ – an amazing 33 kilometre stretch of Australian sand dunes and lunettes, formed by centuries of sand storms.

Mungo National Park

Black marks dotted on the ground throughout the region, indicating the remains of ancient fireplaces.

The Dreamtime Mungo National Park is a special place and has an energy that will capture you and draw you in.

Mungo National Park

A 14 page article showcasing Mungo National Park can be found in the November 2014 Australian Geographic Magazine.

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