Uncover Mungo’s Secrets with Our New Local Guide


It takes a pretty special person to take you back 40,000 years into Australia’s past. That’s why, here at Mungo Lodge, we are proud to introduce a new local guide to our handpicked team, Ernest Mitchell.

Share Mungo with a true local 

Ernest Mitchell

Mungo is not your ordinary World Heritage-listed park – it is a thoroughly and proudly indigenous place. The area is sacred amongst Aboriginal people, who have walked at Mungo in the footsteps of their ancestors since the Dreamtime. Ernie is a descendent from the local Paakantyi tribe, one of the three Traditional Tribal Groups in charge of the Mungo area.

He might be new to us but Ernest has eight years’ experience conducting tours in National Parks, so he will quickly become your guide, your teacher and source of all local wisdom.

Step back in time on an accredited tour 

On an accredited tour of Mungo National Park, Ernie will take you back in time with fascinating insights into the local history and culture. Through stories and song, your guide will help you imagine what this incredible park used to be: a massive lake that nurtured birds, animals and people.

You’ll learn about the native flora and fauna, with Ernie pointing out the signs of scorpions, bandy bandy snakes and other creatures. He’ll show you how to spot relics, like ancient cooking sites, shells, stone tools and skeletons. And if you’re lucky, he’ll pull out his guitar and play a song or two.

To finish the tour, Ernest will conduct a traditional smoking ceremony. Local aborigines believe this ancient custom makes sure the spirits will remain at Mungo and not travel home with them.

Building our team


Along with Ernest, we have recently welcomed Mary to Mungo Lodge. Mary is a descendent of the same tribe and also a granddaughter of a Mungo elder. She is currently training in hospitality and we are proud to introduce her into our talented team.

Unlock the secrets of Mungo with a local guide – book your accredited tour at Mungo Lodge today!