Mungo Lodge sustainable environment

Mungo Lodge Environment

Welcome to Mungo Lodge and the Mungo World Heritage Listed National Park

Thank you for choosing to consider staying with us at Mungo Lodge and we hope you will enjoy your stay. Naturally we’ll be happy to help with any queries you may have.

Mungo Lodge is committed to sustainable accommodation policies and the implementation of measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations. We recognise the impact of our operations on the environment and aim to be an unceasingly efficient environmental conscious business. By working together with you the client we can contribute to making achieving these environmental goals.


Mungo Lodge is an eco-friendly resort with reliance on rainfall for our water supply and gas fired generators as back up when the limited 240v supply cannot keep up with demand. In this instance you will notice an interuption to power while this is change over operation takes place. Please operate electrical appliances and air conditioning/heading to a minimum.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is imperative. Although we work hard to ensure normal supply of water is provided we harvest water from rainfall and dew via our trap. This water is then purified and processed with UV light and stored in our holding water tanks. We ask you please keep showers and other water use to an absolute minimum. A sustainable approach ensures all guests and staff should have a reliable supply of water when needed.

Waste Treatment

Mungo Lodge runs on the Ozzi Kleen aerated wastewater treatment system. While staying with us please do not discharge any items down the sink or toilet that may have a harmful effect on the micro-organisms inside the wastewater treatment system. This includes:

  • Food scraps
  • Excess amounts of fats or grease
  • Cloths/wipes
  • Nappies
  • Tampons
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Condoms
  • Cotton buds
  • Plastics
  • Contents of portable chemical toilets
  • Any other foreign matter

We hope you can understand and appreciate we need to manage this environment well in order for the system to work effectively for all visitors and guests.