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Things To Do at Mungo

What to do at Mungo National Park and area

Walk the Walls of China Walking Tour

From Mungo Lodge (Book at Reception)

Wander the sands of time with a Mungo Lodge Guide into Mungo National Park. Explore the Mungo story and see the ancient dry lake bed and walk the Walls of China where scientists have discovered artefacts of this ancient culture dating back over 50,000 years across the expanses of the last ice age. This makes Mungo one of the oldest places outside of Africa to have been occupied by modern humans since ancient times. See the footsteps and ancient fire places. See where Mungo Man and Mungo Lady were discovered by Jim Bowler dated to be around 42,000 years old.

Scenic Flight of the Walls of China

Daily flights (minimum 2 people) Book at Reception

Viewing Lake Mungo from the air you can appreciate it size, around 35km wide it is one of the five large intercon-nected dry lake bed and 14 smaller basins. An exciting and memorable way to enjoy your visit to Mungo. More information.


Drives & Bikes

Zanci Station – Mungo’s Pastoral Heritage

Located along the Mungo Self-guided Drive tour

The Zanci Homestead site comprises a range of buildings some still proudly in their original condition having been refurbished, and some of which are now only ruins. Built from iron and flattened kerosene tins. Take a few photos of the site’s remarkable ruins, which include a brick fireplace and chimney, a fine example of the historic ‘dunny out the back’.

Mungo Woolshed and Visitor’s Centre

Open 24 hours

Drop into the Mungo National Park Visitor’s Centre to find out more about the areas significance to the traditional landowners and scientists. See the recreation of the human fossil tracks that were discovered in 2003 around 20,000 years ago. When giant wombats and mega fauna roamed the once full Lake Mungo.

Mungo – meet the locals

8am till dark at Mungo Lodge

The park is home to Red, western Grey and Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and families of Emus, both on the Australian coat of arms. There is a wide variety of animal life with birds, mammals and invertebrates interacting with each other and their habitat.

Red Top – Picnic Lunch / Sunset dinner / Full Moon supper

Mungo Lodge (Mungo picnic basket ask at reception)

Red top lookout and boardwalk is an unbeatable vantage point, offering a birds eye view of the parks remarkable deep ravines, rippling patterns and deep textures. Book a pack lunch or dinner and a bottle of wine from Mungo Lodge and head to Red top to view the amazing Mungo Sunsets.

Mungo Lodge Gift Shop

The gift shop showcases a selection of local produce, gifts and mementos, with features including local Aboriginal artefacts, boomerangs, Mungo National Park information books. There are many mementos to choose from to take home something special to remind you of your Mungo experience.

Café Mungo

Enjoy a relaxing breakfast, lunch, coffee or snack at the Café Mungo, in winter sitting around our open fire.

Mungo Bar and Restaurant

Enjoy a cold beer or a glass of local wine at the bar, dinner served every night from 6 pm.