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Tours of Mungo National Park

Mungo Lodge off you tours of Mungo National Park. This is a great ways for you to full immerse yourself in the Mungo National Park experience.

Walk the Mungo National Park Walls of China

Wander the sands of time with a Mungo Lodge guide into Mungo National Park. Explore the Mungo story and see the ancient dry lake bed and walk the Walls of China where scientists have discovered artifacts of this ancient culture dating back over 50,000 years across the expanses of the last ice age.

This makes Mungo one of the oldest places outside of Africa to have been occupied by modern humans since ancient times. See the footsteps and ancient fire places. See where Mungo Man and Mungo Lady were discovered by Jim Bowler dated to be around 42,000 years old. More information.



See the Walls of China from the air!

Flying over this world heritage site you will have the opportunity to take photos that capture how vast this incredible landscape is. Contrasting colours not seen from the ground make this unforgettable experience.

This flight departs from Mungo Lodge and circumnavigates the Walls of China, providing aerial views of the Lake Mungo lunette, Vigars Well, Zanci Homestead, Mungo Woolshed, Footsteps and more. More information.



Tour Bookings

Unearth Mungo’s Ancient Story Tours


Meet at Mungo Lodge Reception

When you visit Mungo National Park, take our Unearth Mungo’s Ancient Story Tour to the Walls of China, Mungo Lodge’s Aboriginal tour guides will take you on an exciting journey of discovery.

This is a tag along tour in your own vehicle. The tour guides will take you firstly to the visitor centre to uncover the mysteries of Lake Mungo and then on to the Walls of China only accessible with an authorised guide.

Tours are available every day at 11am and sunset

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages

Meeting place: Mungo Lodge reception

Bookings: Bookings required. Phone 03 5029 7297 or book online with the form above.

Price: Adult $49 for 11am and $65 for Sunset per person. Concession/Pensioners $39 per person. Child (5–16 years) $24.50 for 11am and $30 for Sunset per person.

Payments: On the day of the tour at the Mungo Lodge Reception