Mungo National Park Pastorial kangaroo walk / Shane Strudwick Images / Discover Murray River

Mungo Wildlife

Diverse Australian wildlife at Mungo National Park

Any trip to the Mungo National Park would be incomplete without seeing a mob of Emus prancing through the bluebush, cockatoos screeching at sunset or a Red Kangaroo scratching himself in the morning light. Back when the lakes were full the place was brimming with wildlife that nourished the Aboriginal inhabitants – ducks, swans, waders, pigeons, fish, yabbies, lizards, bettongs, bandicoots, wallabies, mice, rats and more. The fish and waterbirds are long gone, and many of the small mammals disappeared more recently, but the native fauna remains a fascinating part of Mungo’s outback mystique.

A great variety of native vertebrate animals has been recorded here – 110 species of birds, 22 mammal species and 62 reptile species. Eighteen of these are classified as endangered.